Reflection - Solo Exhibition, 2023

Reflection - Solo Exhibition, 2023


May 12th – June 3rd, 2023

Alternating Current Art Space

248 High St.

Windsor, VIC


Our thoughts and emotions try to help make some semblance of order in what we observe and experience. Often that is enough. At times the dissonance is heartbreaking. 

Our relationships with self, each other and the world in which we live are so important, I believe. All of which has been seriously challenged over the period of global pandemic and the post-lockdown emergence. We have the opportunity to redress the balance, to create a better future where we deeply understand the importance of sustainable care for ourselves, each other and our natural world.

‘Reflection’ is a collection of sketches, and fragmented, partially formed ink or watercolour on raw canvas paintings. The exhibition focuses on my thoughts and experiences of the relationships that are important to me, and observations of the recent tumultuous years of the CoVid-19 lockdowns and moving beyond them whilst living in London. It was a truly memorable experience.